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Published: November 23, 2020 0 0 49
By: Zachary Harris, California State Polytechnic University
Category: Software
Hashtags: #CSharp #Javascript #Programming #SoftWareEngineering #VisualStudio2019

Develop software that will help students manage their Zoom meeting ID’s and passwords is by allowing them to enter their classes information into our application, once entered the application will keep track of their class ID's and passwords in a database and allow the user to click a single button which will log them right in to their class. This application will save students from the hassle of having to search through their blackboard or emails to try and find the link to their Zoom meetings. It can also prevent them from being marked absent. The application is functional, lightweight, and efficient.
In the first part of the project the .NET Framework Software Development Kit was used to develop the Windows Application. The Forms library of the .NET framework was utilized to create the UI and handle events that are registered by the UI, this was a key design choice because the program is event driven we can make sure that when the program is not being interacted with, we will not be wasting any CPU cycles. This contributes to the application being lightweight and efficient.
In the second part of this project the application was completely rewritten using Electron JS to allow for the expansion of the user base and ecosystem. Electron JS is a cross platform development system that allows you to develop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Using Electron JS to develop the application allowed us to create a native application for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Also, it can be expanded to run on mobile Operating Systems such as IOS and Android.

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