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Published: March 19, 2020 0 0 357
By: Coral Reich, Cal Poly Pomona
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In this zine, we explored each of the field trip locations by examining 6 different factors in the sites that week. The factors that were explored were climate, social, cultural, economic, geographic and ecological. Six locations were chosen out all visited location to showcase each of the factors and chosen Sunnylands, Getty Center, Palm Springs Art Museum, Mission Santa Barbra, Morten Botanical Garden, and San Marcos Growers to reflect those ideas. It was fairly difficult documenting the sites since we were on the move and had a limited time schedule. Contrasting each of the sites with my precedent garden GInkaku-ji, which is a Japanese garden in Kyoto, created an interesting perspective of the differences of Californian landscapes and Japanese landscapes such as planting, cultural influences and the landscape itself. They also have similarities as well such as the use of rock gardens, hills and mountains, use of water. Sunnylands will focus on climate because of its location in palm springs changes to very hot to moderate cold temperatures through the year. Getty Center looks at the geological factors of L.A to itself. As for culture, Palm Springs Art Museum explores a lot of modernist art which is a big cultural factor of Palm Springs. Mission Santa Barbra is a local tourist spot in Santa Barbra and historically a place where people have lived and worked which fulfils social factors. Morten Botanical Garden has an interesting economic factor which the original owner of the site looked for succulents in the deserts of Palm Springs to the deserts of Mexican finding rare and unique cactuses or succulents which were then sold in L.A for a similar price for mining gold or silver. Lastly San Marcos Growers ecological factor looks at different ways to cultivate different plants and make sure they are suitable for Californian landscapes while clients can easily maintain them.

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