XK'P (Wellness Center)
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XK'P (Wellness Center)

XK'P (Wellness Center)


Published: November 30, 2018 0 0 129
By: Hatem Al-Harazi, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Interior Design
Hashtags: #3D #Architectural #AutoCAD #Commercial #Design #Interior #InteriorDesign #Rendering #Sketchup

Project: Multi-use Wellness Center
Location: Arts District, Los Angeles
Area : 6400 SF
Year: 2017 (Masters)
Instructor: Bruno Bondanelli

Project Describtion:

XK’P (EX-CA-PE) is a multi-use building that consists of Spa areas,baths, offices retail and a restaurant. The goal is to create a feeling of ‘escaping’ from all the urban noises and the busy atmosphere from Downtown LA into a unique and calming environment that feels private in it’s character but open and airy in it’s use of natural sunlight and fresh air.

Concept: ‘Living Waters’

The concept behind XK’P is inspired from treating water as a living thing, meaning it has living characteristics that influence the spaces it’s in, the flow and movement of the water in streams, the way the water creates unique and ever changing shadows the fractured reflections from it’s surface and the way it elevates objects. All of these characters of water influenced the space organization of XK’P and the unique experiences felt by the users in the space. The flow of water also inspired the use of flow of air through the use of pivoting louvers in both ends of the building creating natural ventilation.