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Published: July 17, 2017 0 0 218
By: Erika Deer, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Graphic Design

This final assignment was one that allowed us to freely explore our creativity.

This idea I came up with portrays my dilemma (college students in general) between going out or staying in. This illustrates how I feel about all the responsibilities I have to take care of before I can go out.

First of all, I chose a dark room to symbolize the inside of my mind. However, there is one single light in the dark room and it shines over a couple of objects, which in fact are things that symbolize the different responsibilities I have such as homework, laundry, and doing the dishes. I also chose to make these objects unrealistically large to show that these responsibilities usually overpower my decision in going out, and it also illustrates how I stress over these things. I put the homework at the top of the pile to illustrate that school consumes most of my time and is the one thing that stresses me out the most.

All work was done on Adobe Photoshop