Upcycling Project
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Upcycling Project

Upcycling Project


Published: December 1, 2018 0 0 320
By: Hatem Al-Harazi, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Design #ModelMaking #upcycling

Project: Upcycling Project
Location: Kyrenia, North Cyprus
Year: 2013 (2rd Year Project)
Instructor: Ms.Gulten Goze

Project Brief:

We were asked to propose a design to a structure that could benefit the student of the faculty of Arch and Design, the structure had to be made by upcycling materials that exist in the city, we had to choose a material that could be upcycled and research how it could be combined to create the structure.

My Proposal:

The Project is a sitting area infront of the arch & design faculty of GAU where students can sit,chat and interact with one another under an environmental friendly designed structure.
The design is made from 13 wooden pallets that are collected from construction sites. The design was made based on the observation of the students during break time or between classes as well as observing the diversity in the way they sit and lay down or even read a book, the pieces are connected using different parts of any wood that can be found as joints that will hold the structure together. At the bottom of the project,special pieces of wood that are used for decking in gardens is used in case of rain that runs on the ground,to prevent the rain from damaging the wood. Lastly the project is polish with a water proof and sun protection finish.