Ukulele School - Strumming Pattern 1
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Ukulele School - Strumming Pattern 1

Ukulele School - Strumming Pattern 1


Published: March 11, 2017 0 0 204
By: Bernadette Etcheverry Plazola, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Music
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This year (2017) I launched a new project!

This project is a video series on YouTube called "Ukulele School"

I launched this project in response to feedback from my students, now scattered in different countries, who told me they wanted to continue learning how to play ukulele from me.

Now all my students can continue learning from me by subscribing to my YouTube channel.
The beauty of this project is that now I have picked up a few new students that I would have never met otherwise!

This video is Strumming Pattern 1, the most basic strumming pattern.
I will release strumming pattern videos on a weekly basis, each strumming pattern a little more difficult than the last.