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Published: May 8, 2020 0 0 124
By: Dominic Celis, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Other
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When I decided on choosing “How to escape a maze” as one of my nine things, I decided to cover the thinking that falls behind this question and examples of such. First, a maze does not necessarily have to purposefully built to make you think of how to leave the said maze, but it is also seen in other ways such as crowded, urban cities that are hard to maneuver in such as San Francisco or stores that are hard to navigate around without getting lost such as a supermarket. To represent this in my section, I believe putting in tight infrastructure such as high rise buildings, parking garages, and other objects to display a modern “maze” that people endure on a daily basis.
As for my second thing, “How close is too close,” I chose to study what places on a daily basis face the issue of people being too close. Too close is defined in many ways in different ways depending on the scenario. For example, right now during the Covid-19 outbreak, too close is less than six feet distance between two people, but during school when everyone is not fearing for their life about getting sick, too close is somewhere around one to two feet for friends and somewhere around three feet for strangers. Places that also face these issues are subway trains, football stadiums, and concerts. To show this, I intend to show one of these examples in my section as to show locations where uncomfortably close crowds form.
My third thing was Where north is. This is important because it guides navigation for both people and structures. By knowing where north is, you can account for the direction in which the sun will rise and set on the location and also the orientation of which it will appear on satellite images if that is a concern. The most common way that people know how to do so is by using a magnetic compass or that of which their smartphone has, but other methods exist such as examining the moss and looking at the stars. Moss only grows in shaded, damp areas such as in the north and south where the sun never directly shines at it.

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