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Published: May 8, 2020 0 0 127
By: Dominic Celis, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
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In the first set of images with the wood, the purpose of this photo, in my opinion, was to express one of the ways that I bonded with my father which was through doing crafts in our spare times. Though this fence was not one of our projects, we did work on other things that would not hurt me such as cork figures and small balsa wood projects. Though balsa is not the most sturdy, it is brittle and very easy to carve and cut. This could be connected to me and my ability to coordinate with my father and the discipline I learned from working with him. As seen by the construction of the fence, it is not in perfect condition as if it were freshly cut and sanded; it shows visible signs of wear and age. This could be tied to the person who had constructed the fence and their personal choice to choose the wood that appeared aged under moderate to low use. Another thing that I had found interesting was their choice to use wood screws over nails to make the fence look more handcrafted. The choice to use wood screws indicates that it used power tools and was made to last, not just to look pretty. Though very subtle, the choice of wood, screws build helped to develop a picture that the initial builder may not have noticed. It may not have mattered to the builder or client that the fence looked perfect but after further analysis, the fence tells a narrative that was waiting to be found.
In the second set of images, it might be a trek to compose a narrative about such a simple object, but everything has a story to tell. You just have to look for it. The plant that I close to photograph is a fern that I had found after photographing after I arrived from my flight from San Francisco to Ontario. I was desperate to find something to photograph but I did not want to make it appear as if I was rushing this project. It was difficult to find a balance of both subjects; Figure and Ground. Either the ground had too much texture, the sky had clouds or, god forbid, that there be too many shadows. It was mid-afternoon so the sun was high up and in a great position, all I had to do was find a good location with minimal variation with the figure and ground. Trees were too natural and were packed too much to see variation and flowers were too simple in my eyes. I wanted to find something that would express myself and my thoughts about this project. I wanted something that was recognizable and small but hard to understand. Though these ferns have been around since the beginning of time and probably were around during the dinosaurs' reign, they have a simple figure but a very different form. When I began to take photographs of the fern, I started to question, why was this planted here? What purpose does this plant serve? Does it work to preserve something here? Does it collect dew in the morning for the plants around it?

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