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Published: May 8, 2020 0 0 10
By: Danielle Raigoza, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Adobe #Art #Design #Photography #Photoshop

Understanding figure-ground using 2D photography and photographic
manipulation to explore textures in the landscape, described by syntax and narrative. The object I have chosen to photograph, the porous holes in the object are arranged in a uniform pattern that is folded in due to the texture of the sheet metal. As the photograph is zoomed in the holes gradually become bigger and become somewhat distorted due to the expansion. Moreover, as the image becomes distorted due to the zooming the black circles in the photograph become cropped off, transforming into other shapes and eventually the image becomes unrecognizable with a black half-circle and oval by the end of the sixth image. The symmetry that was present in the first initial photograph became reduced to simplistic figures at the very end. The object I have chosen to photograph derives from a perforated sheet metal wall in the music room at Cal Poly Pomona. I found it interesting that the walls are meant to be soundproof as they are meant for students to be able to practice without disruptions. However, it is ironic that the walls are made out of perforated sheet metal, causing the sound to resonate beyond the thin walls that separate each room, the opposite of what the rooms are originally intended to contain. In addition, the sheet metal also possesses a wavy texture in an attempt to block noise, however, the holes prevent this execution.

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