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Published: May 8, 2020 0 0 10
By: Danielle Raigoza, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Adobe #Art #Design #GraphicDesign #Illustration #Photoshop

Understanding figure-ground through text – ‘seeing’ the landscape by focusing on
syntax and narrative. The composition of my initials D and R derive from my name Danielle Raigoza, respectively. When choosing to arrange the letters I took interest in the curvature of the letter D and the almost half curve of the letter R. I wanted to connect the letters so that the straight edges of the cutouts were aligned perpendicular to each other on top of each other, resulting in a seamless interlocking of the two letters. However, when placed upon the other clutter of letters on the board, I realized the almost symmetric composition of my letters seemed stiff compared to the dynamic nature of the overall layout. I then decided to move the letter D at a higher angle so that it creates a 30-degree angle against the leg of the letter R. I chose to have my initials D and R to interlock sideways so that the D would be facing the ground while the R on top in the opposite direction. I have a strong relationship with my father, as I am named after him. His kind nature and resilient nature makes him known for his laughter and smile. I wanted to embody this emotion into this composition as I am also known for making those around me laugh. In short, I placed the letters on top of each other as the letter r resembles half squinted eyes. The letter d in the bottom acts as the sizeable laughing mouth going at a 30-degree angle towards the letter R. In order to emphasize the emotion is peering through the composition.

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