Teaching in Japan! Ukulele Duet Teacher & Student!
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Teaching in Japan! Ukulele Duet Teacher & Student!

Teaching in Japan! Ukulele Duet Teacher & Student!

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Published: November 30, 2015 26 4 887
By: Bernadette Etcheverry Plazola, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Teaching
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in March 2015, one of my 2nd graders, Nanoha, expressed interest in learning how to play the ukulele. After meeting twice a week for 1 month we recorded this video. In these mini lessons, we did not have a language in common. Nanoha, is Japanese, lives in Okinawa, Japan, and couldn't speak 1 full sentence in English at the time. I, on the other hand, speak Spanish and English, but not Japanese. Our music lessons were completely done using a different language: music

Now Nanoha is in 3rd grade, has started playing guitar, has played competitively, and can speak more English!
When interviewed last week, she was asked, "What is your dream?" to which she responded, "My dream is to be a musician."

This video is both a testament to student's ability to learn a new instrument in 1 month and play a duet with an adult and it serves as a reminder of where she started. I see a big future for her, and that's the best part of being a teacher. A music teacher, that is.


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