Taft College ASO Logo Rebrand
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Taft College ASO Logo Rebrand

Taft College ASO Logo Rebrand


Published: December 24, 2020 0 0 48
By: Christian Carrido, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Adobe #Design #GraphicDesign #Illustrator

I was approached by a member of Taft College's Associated Student Organization (ASO) to redesign their logo identity. Throughout the process, I revisited ways to create an identity sheet for the logo from the same process used to create style guides for UI/UX web designs. For past clientele, I had only provided them with base files for the logo I created without making an identity guide. I found that these guides can help a client determine how to properly use and format a logo when applying it to different presentations, such as print material or web use.


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