Solar Panels Installation - Junction Box Wiring
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Solar Panels Installation - Junction Box Wiring

Solar Panels Installation - Junction Box Wiring

  • ground wires connected by a multiport
  • jumped multiport
  • a typical junction box


Published: August 6, 2016 1 0 363
By: John Paul Dulay, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Electrical Engineering
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Recently, after being dormant from substantial extra curricular activities for several months, I went back to being active again in Photovoltaic modules installations with Grid Alternatives. In my recent install in Fontana, I dedicated most of my time in learning how to wire junction boxes. These 'j-boxes' contain set of wires coming from multiple PV arrays and the main service panel. Each set of wires consist of red and black wires which are referred to as the 'hot wires', a white wire which is the neutral, and a green wire which is known as the ground. All individual wires inside a j-box are connected to their corresponding color i.e. ONLY red wires are connected together, all blacks are bounded together, and so on and so forth. The wires are connected together by some component called the multiple port which is a transparent thing shown in one of my pictures. All in all, this particular install is an excellent learning experience for me in addition to the mouth-watering mexican lunch which the owner of the house bought for our team. #JuanPolloIsBombAF #solar #photovoltaics #GridAlternatives #service #communityservice #engineering


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