Skirt: CAD for Patternmaking Project #1
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Skirt: CAD for Patternmaking Project #1

Skirt: CAD for Patternmaking Project #1


Published: December 9, 2019 0 0 75
By: Kelsey Hogan, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Fashion
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This is the result of my 1st project in my CAD for Patternmaking course I had the pleasure of taking during my Fall semester at Cal Poly Pomona.

For this project, I was tasked with creating a custom skirt pattern using the program TUKA with the following elements: a zipper closure, darts, pockets, and at least two additional design elements. The main importance of this project was to learn how to develop and plot our own patterns from scratch using the TUKA design program from a basic sloper, adjust the base patterns to a new unique pattern, grading the patterns for different sizes, and add additional design elements such as pockets and darts.

My design is a modern yet causal a-line mid length skirt. The design is meant to mimic the idea that the main body of the skirt has been cut away, revealing a separate design hidden underneath. In this case, my a-line skirt was cut away to reveal a shorter flounce skirt underneath.

This project definitely came with its owns set of challenges, but it was otherwise a natural progression of trial, error, and a great learning experience. I learned a lot about developing patterns, fit, and adjustments, however my main challenge with this project was once I has finished finalizing the design and the pattern, I was unsure of which fabric to pick for my final garment. This project allowed me to realize how important the choice of fashion fabric is for your garment, as it can entirely affect the overall construction fit, drape, and quality. If i were to make this garment again, I would opt for a thinner flannel material, as the one I had picked initially was a tad too thick and didn't allow my garment to drape as nicely as I had hoped. Yet overall, I am proud of the results.