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Published: November 15, 2015 2 1 1K
By: Calvin Rai, University of California San Diego
Category: Education
Hashtags: #Academics #Class #Course #Education #Engineering #Online #Teaching #Video

Simmy Sigma is a YouTube Channel I began in May 2012 after obtaining my first ever "C" in a fluid mechanics class. I wanted to prove to myself that I knew the material, so I began creating short video lectures on the subjects covered within the class. My videos on fluid mechanics gained popularity and the channel has been growing ever since. My videos cover topics in structural analysis, fluid mechanics, vector statics, advanced geomatics, hydrology, and more. With over 16,000 subscribers and over 2.8 million views, my hope for this Channel is that it will help students and educators around the world studying engineering. Simmy Sigma Channel


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