Senior Project - COVID Self Report
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Senior Project - COVID Self Report

Senior Project - COVID Self Report


Published: November 10, 2020 0 0 57
By: Sydney Cady,
Category: Engineering
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This project is the development of an android app in which users can self record any outgoings and other important information throughout COVID-19. This app will feature surveys in which users can share their risk or anyone they reside with risks, their preferences for becoming social again, and record when they have gone out to keep track of how often symptoms are showing up.
This app is useful as we begin to transition into becoming more social again there are those who have certain preferences whether that be to go to a mall or to stay at a quieter location like the beach. This app allows users to fill out a survey then share this information with friends to plan out how they'll be able to hang out again.
This app also provides users a way to record their outgoings at the days become more blended staying inside frequently. Users can record when they've gone out and with who to keep track of any symptoms.

There are still many upgrades to be added to this app but these are our current goals.


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