Senior Project: Active Rocket Stabilization
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Senior Project: Active Rocket Stabilization

Senior Project: Active Rocket Stabilization


Published: November 6, 2019 0 0 233
By: Madison Hunter, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Aerospace Engineering
Hashtags: #Aerodynamics #FAR1030 #Manufacturing #mechanicaldesign #Rocketry #seniorproject

We are a team of aspiring undergraduates, specializing in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other interdisciplinaries. Using our education and prior projects, we have joined together to solve the problem of stabilizing a rocket as it propels itself.

My role: Mechanical Design/Structures Team member
-Perform computational statics, stress, and fatigue analysis
-Model components in CAD
-Simulate load-bearing in Solidworks simulation to verify hand calculations
-Manufacture linearly actuated fin pivoting module
-Communicate with hardware suppliers about material choices for components
-Create project update graphics and charts for bi-weekly faculty advisor meetings