Senior Project
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Senior Project

Senior Project


Published: May 22, 2020 0 0 10
By: Danielle Bailey,
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My Senior Project!

In today’s music, artists come from all walks of life, and many upcoming artists have become one hit wonders or unsupported by the label they signed with. Due to this we look further into seeing why? Although many individuals blame the lack of success on the record labels or the artists themselves we should actually be looking at their team. “You will never make it to the top alone” stated by the well know Rapper/Actor Common. Many people and artists don’t understand the importance of a team. November 1st I will be discussing the importance of your team and what can they do to help artists. Furthermore, I will inform you on the tools they need to have as they go further in their career and higher in the industry. I will also discuss what artists need to think about prior to looking for someone to fulfill these roles and what to expect from them.


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