SCETA Website Full Stack Redesign -
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SCETA Website Full Stack Redesign -

SCETA Website Full Stack Redesign -

  • Feature containers
  • Material Design menus
  • Automated calendar content using the Google Calendar API
  • Automated event content using the Google Drive API


Published: November 1, 2015 1 0 897
By: Byron Phung, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Web Development
Hashtags: #CSS #Css3 #Google #googlecalendarapi #googledriveapi #Html #HTML5 #Javascript #Jquery #materialdesign #Php #php5 #ResponsiveDesign #subversion #SVN #web_design #Web_development #webdevelopment #Website

The SCETA website underwent major reconstruction to incorporate a brand new UI guided by Google Material Design principles and to implement automation & enhance server-sided maintenance through the use of the Google Drive & Calendar APIs, MySQL, and PHP. Source code management was also improved by setting up a GitHub repository and utilizing the Git version control system.

In addition to the main website, I built an officer-only control panel that allows authorized officers to make changes to certain items stored in MySQL databases for the 3D printing services and parts store pages.

NOTE: Please view this under as the production version may have been changed by the newer webmasters since my departure.


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