Recycled Christmas Tree
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Recycled Christmas Tree

Recycled Christmas Tree


Published: December 1, 2018 0 0 117
By: Hatem Al-Harazi, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Art #Christmas #Design #Drawing

Project: Group Project/ Model Making
Location: Kyrenia, North Cyprus
Year: 2013 (3th Year Project)
Instructor: Ms.Aslihan Aldis

Project Brief:

Students were asked in pairs to create christmas trees from recycled materials on a 1:! scale to be displayed in the faculty of Arch and Design.

Team Proposal:

The idea came from thinking of the joy and spirit of christmas and how its a time were loved ones gather and interact, we proposed to make the tree not only a decorative object but to have the people interact with it. We wanted the users to be able to not only look at the tree but to be part of it. The recycled materials used were packaging cartons for the structure. a wooden pallet for the base, and two stainless steel poles to control opening and closing the tree.