Promotion Mix Development for Lululemon
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Promotion Mix Development for Lululemon

Promotion Mix Development for Lululemon


Published: January 20, 2021 0 0 40
By: Vanessa Perez, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Marketing & Advertising
Hashtags: #Advertising #Marketing

In this project a group of students took the place of an advertising agency in order to improve Lululemon's overall marketing and advertising strategies. We defined a marketing mix, performed and SWOT analysis, gathered primary and secondary research, outlined promotion objectives, created a promotion theme and target consumer profiles, outlined the consumer journey, and specified and visualized our marketing tools. It was created for the class titled "AMM 2300 Integrated Fashion Communication with Professor Ann-Kristin Erdmann-Burt.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Bobby Le Becerra
  • Kyndall Tenace
  • Lauren Segat