Project 2 Variations of Type
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Project 2 Variations of Type

Project 2 Variations of Type


Published: March 24, 2020 0 0 169
By: Keven Nolan, Cal Poly Pomona
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Project 2 Variations of Type/ Learning from Precedent focused on choosing a botanical garden of either modern contemporary or an historic garden of the past and making connections between our chosen botanical garden with borrowed design concepts from past predecessors. For the Unlike Collage I chose an English Botanical Garden as my precedent, "Stourhead Garden" located in Wilshire, England was one of the very first to incorporate ideologies of natural expressionism (Romanticism) as well as ideas from European pastoral landscape paintings during 18th century scientific exploration. This was infused with aspects of Classical Design derived from the Renaissance Era of gardening which in turn would eventually promote new ideas that fostered a tendency for more modern and complex garden design practices. The ZINE is composed of a compilation of various examples derived from our field trip locations while considering factors of climate, geography, ecology, social, culture and economic relate and/or influence our precedent garden.

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