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Published: February 28, 2021 1 0 25
By: Haya Abboodi, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Landscape #Planting #plantingdesign

This second project of the studio is designed to explore plants, their qualities, their performance and the results of their combinations to achieve a desired functional outcome. The project applies foundational programs (functions) that typically drive the use of plants to test planting ideas applied to typical pieces and parts of the urban landscape. These numerous and unique combinations will demonstrate the opportunities for a contextually lush and horticulturally performative urban landscape. Students are encouraged to connect the outcomes of the fall 2021 studio to this project. The research, stories, connections and lessons learned must be applied – not to specifically ‘solve’ the challenges facing South Central Farms but to explore the challenges associated with the systems and spaces associated with a typical urban landscape and communities of Southern California. Students are encouraged to use this general information to playfully and willfully exaggerated and explore the potential for a wildly integrated future urban landscape.

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