Oppurtunties in Marketing
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Oppurtunties in Marketing

Oppurtunties in Marketing


Published: April 29, 2020 0 0 184
By: William David Argueta, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Marketing & Advertising
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During the 2020 spring semester, I took a business communication class that focuses on potential career paths and communication in the business world. The goal of this project was to research four career paths in your area of study with peers who are also in your major. In addition, we were assigned to report on the different resources provided by Cal Poly Pomona that marketing students can use to get where they want to be.

What this project has taught me was the abundance of opportunities that marketing students have. Although marketing generally applies to advertisement and consumer behavior, what I didn't know was the extensive research that ties with it such as market research. Before this project, I was pretty familiar with the resources on campus such, as the marketing clubs and business fraternities, but I wasn't aware of how many advisors the marketing department had. These advisors are also current or former professionals in the field that can share their experiences with students. I cannot forget to mention working alongside my fellow marketers in my class; Yesenia, Jacob and Kenny. Together, we discovered so much about what marketing can offer us and the skills we have individually that can help us in our careers in the future.

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