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One Ring to Rule Them All

One Ring to Rule Them All

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Published: May 28, 2016 0 0 548
By: Jacqueline Nelson Walburn, Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Category: Biology
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In terms of your health, Hippocrates figured it out some 2400 years ago when he stated all health leads to the gut. That is your bacteria microbiome. So, instead of "you are what you eat", it is more like "your health becomes what you eat". The root cause here is inflammation which starts in your gut due to the foods you eat and then spreads causing havoc on the rest of your body. As time goes on, it progresses and you get tired of being tired, having pain, no energy, brain fog, arthritis, ADD, IBS, and so on. You may be familiar with the term for this as "leaky gut syndrome". Research is finding that if you fix your gut, you fix your health.

I have what I call my 5 R protocol to help you do this:

1. Rebuild
2. Repopulate
3. Reduce
4. Restore
5. Recover
I am offering a free e-mail consultation on my website to see if we, together, can determine if this will help where ever you are in your journey to optimal health.

Jacquie Nelson Walburn