Northrup Grumman Collaboration Project (NGCP)
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Northrup Grumman Collaboration Project (NGCP)

Northrup Grumman Collaboration Project (NGCP)


Published: July 27, 2020 0 0 170
By: Timothy Calvert, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Engineering

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the design, manufacture, and validation of a fully functioning system of unmanned vehicles with the proper infrastructure to quickly locate and rescue a hiker who is lost in the wilderness. In order for the system to be effective in various scenarios, it will be assumed that the hiker cannot be seen visually, is injured to a point of full immobility, and cannot survive in the weather conditions for more than a few hours. The hiker is equipped with a walkie talkie which can be detected to find the hiker’s location.

This mission will be achieved using two unmanned aerial vehicles (Multirole Aircraft, Med-Evac Aircraft), one unmanned ground vehicle (Emergency Response Unit), and a common ground control station. These three vehicles will complete their primary missions autonomously and also have the capability of manned control. All vehicles must also communicate across a common communication network. To ease the development of this advanced system, one air vehicle and one ground vehicle will be developed at Cal Poly Pomona CPP and one air vehicle at CPSLO with a joint GCS developed by both campuses.

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