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Published: March 12, 2017 0 0 828
By: Byron Phung, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Web Development
Hashtags: #Bootstrap #CSS #Google #Html #Javascript #Jquery #mobilefirst #webdevelopment #Website

Summary: Applied mobile-first philosophy and translated UX designer Nicole Ulgado’s mockup into functional website that was successfully demonstrated live during multiple job interviews immediately following deployment.

This is the second of my portfolio demonstrating my mobile-first approach to web development. In addition to the mobile-first approach, another key component of this project is being able to work with an external client other than myself. I worked with UX designer Nicole Ulgado who presented me a mockup of her intended design, and I was able to develop a strong, working relationship to communicate all changes and translate her design into a fully functional website.

Again, the key component of my mobile-first approach is that design, implementation, and testing is done for mobile BEFORE desktop. This means that my default CSS designs for the smallest supported mobile device first and an alternative/responsive CSS is used to customize designs for desktop after the mobile design is implemented.

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