My improved Yoga101 website
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My improved Yoga101 website

My improved Yoga101 website


Published: September 28, 2018 0 0 403
By: Rhea Fernandes, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Physical Education

I worked on my project Yoga 101 to create an updated version Yoga 101

by adding JavaScript, changing the styling but keeping the content the same. Some of the changes I incorporated are:-

Date :- I added the date on top of each page using the date function. The footer has my name and the year. This was previously hard coded to the site, but I used the full year property of the date variable to place the year in the footer - so in the future I won't need to update the footer when the year changes

Random Images from an array - For the homepage I have a clipart as part of the greeting. Previously this was a fixed image. I enhanced this by creating an array of different poses and using the random function to display random pictures from the array on the homepage.

Conditional Images based on time of day. In yoga there are a series of poses done in the morning, and this is called sun salutation, and there are as series of poses done in the evening called moon salutation. On the asanas page, I used JavaScript to greet the viewer depending on the time of the day, as well as display the appropriate yoga poses for the time of day

Clicker Function for FAQ -Based on the question the user selects, the answer and the explanation will be displayed on the page, this was done by creating and using a function called the clicker function.

Flash Cards - Using jQuery to select and change the css, I placed the types of yoga as text on a flash card that the user can click to see the Type of Yoga and then when the use clicks the card again, the user can see the definition. This also uses the random function, so that different question are shown.