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Published: January 23, 2021 0 0 44
By: Arturo Murillo, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
Category: Engineering
Hashtags: #Design #Electrical #Engineering #Mechanical #Project #Robotics #Solidworks

This final project is the accumulation of all the topics that we have covered in my microcontrollers class:
• A/D Converter
• D/A Converter
• Temperature sensor
• Light sensor
• PWM – Fan & speaker
• Timer and Counters
• System interrupts
• TFT interface
• I2C bus
• SPI bus
The final project will integrate a design that will have the following functions:
• A TFT panel used as a main display.
• A digital clock with the time/date programmable through a remote control.
• A digital clock with an alarm function with the time programmable through a remote
control. The alarm will sound a sound when the alarm is matched. The sound is reset
through a push-button switch. A multi-color LED is activated when the alarm sounds.
• A thermostat function that will turn on a heater when the temperature is below a
programmable temperature.
• A light sensor will activate a LED when the light is below a light threshold.
• A light dimmer controlled through the remote control


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