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Market Research

Market Research


Published: November 13, 2020 0 0 51
By: Kenny Gradilla, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Marketing & Advertising
Hashtags: #Marketing #MarketResearch #Research_analysis #research_paper #research_project

For my market research class, our task was to choose a topic to research and to present our findings to the class. COVID-19 forced Cal Poly Pomona to transition to virtual learning and made it difficult to find a safe and exciting topic to research. Our group decided to record traffic patterns at three different locations. We recorded the make of the car, the color, and the time of day. As an inspiring marketer, this project taught me the value that research has on a marketing campaign. Marketing campaigns depend on research to determine how a company is perceived, how well a product is performing, if there is a demand for the product, and other important information to develop a strong marketing campaign.


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