Kultur Evi (Community Center)
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Kultur Evi (Community Center)

Kultur Evi (Community Center)


Published: December 1, 2018 0 0 141
By: Hatem Al-Harazi, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Interior Design
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Project: All Community Center
Location: Lefkosa, North Cyprus
Year: 2014 (3rd Year Project)
Instructor: Ms.Gulten Goze

Project Brief:

The project was for a local building (Arap Ahmet Kultur Evi) that’s been damaged which the municipality of North Cyprus decided to renovate and put to better use as an “All Community Center” which includes services and activities that could benefit the local community of all its ages, from children to elderly people who are retired and want to educated the people from their experiences in life, the students were asked to propose a redesign plan for the building without demolishing the existing parts for their local historical value while making it universally designed to be accessed by any individual with special needs.

My Proposal:

After discussing the needs of the community with its locals from different ages, I divided the spaces and their functions to meet and entertain what the locals had enjoyed, I provided educational multifunction spaces that can be used by different ages for different activities in separate times, proposed both indoor and outdoor areas for children entertainment and teenage artists to display and produce artistic works, I also provided several solutions to make the accessibility possible and the needs of the people with special needs respected like any other user of any space.