Highlights from GE Transportation internship
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Highlights from GE Transportation internship

Highlights from GE Transportation internship


Published: October 8, 2019 0 0 147
By: Madison Hunter, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Industrial Engineering
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The internship lasted 8 months, from part-time during the Spring 2019 semester to full-time through Summer 2019. As a Technical Advisor intern, I got to work alongside the lead Technical Advisor on shift and by the end of my internship, I would be the lead and they would assist me when I ran into troubleshooting I didn't know how to approach. I worked alot on the advising side and on the materials side. I was in charge of safety audits like inspecting first-aid kits, chemical inventory, and update and maintenance of shop laptops. Many daily small projects were given to me, but I also had to communicate with management and the craft as if I were a full-time on-shift lead. I was the only intern until July, when another intern was hired on for me to train before I left the job to finish my last year of school.

The biggest project I did was the re-organization of the bulk and heavy materials tent. It hadn't been organized in five years. I inventoried, categorized, and physically moved everything with a palette jack and forklift into rows according to type and frequency of use. The excel sheet of part numbers, locations, and quantities was sent out the the team.