High Power Rocket Project
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High Power Rocket Project

High Power Rocket Project


Published: July 26, 2018 1 0 479
By: Zachary Houghton, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Aerospace Engineering
Hashtags: #Composites #highpowerrocket #Rocket #Rockets

As member of the VVC Physics Club high power rocket team funded by a grant from Southern California Edison, I designed a 3D printed electronics sled for the altimeter and dual deployment computer.
Additionally, I helped with the final assembly of the rocket, providing tools and materials needed to finish the project before the launch deadline and later helped solve a drag separation issue by suggesting the installation of shear pins in order to keep the rocket held together before the ejection event.

I also assisted with the pre-flight preparation before the final launch day, including ejection charge calibration and ejection system ground testing.

During the final launch day I provided tools, tables, and other equipment to prepare the rocket for launch.


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