HCOP Pre-Matriculation Program
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HCOP Pre-Matriculation Program

HCOP Pre-Matriculation Program


Published: June 10, 2018 0 0 220
By: Erin Manalo-Pedro, University Of California Los Angeles
Category: Education
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The Pre-Matriculation Program is one component of California State University, Fullerton's Health Resources and Services Administration-funded workforce initiative to increase the diversity of students in the allied and other health careers pipeline from high school, community college, and undergraduate through graduate school (D18HP29033 / 2015-2018). I developed curriculum for the four-week pre-matriculation program for incoming graduate students. I also facilitated recruitment, planning, and implementation of the program. In post-test evaluations obtained by the CSUF Center for Research on Educational Access and Leadership, 100% of participants from the first cohort reported confidence in quantitative and writing skills.

This PDF includes highlights from the first cohort in 2017 and was used for outreach to recruit the 2018 cohort.


2017 PMP Highlights.pdf 6.5 MB