Garden of Variation_LA 2121L_2020
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Garden of Variation_LA 2121L_2020

Garden of Variation_LA 2121L_2020


Published: March 13, 2020 2 0 318
By: Coral Reich, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Other

In this garden of variation, this site referred to Ginkakuji temple of Kyoto, Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, pieces and parts project, Orange County and designed in mind for a social garden. The programs for this space are a community sculpture garden, along with people being able to stroll around the garden, sit in intimate spaces and watch their children play on sculptural installments. The main purpose is for the community to come and participate in creating ceramic sculptures in the ceramics classroom on site to then see their finished works placed in garden for them to see displayed for a period of time. Programs like art therapy can implemented with working in ceramics for example military veterans to help them get the help and relaxation they need.

As for the design, I used circular and curvilinear paths inspired from Ginkakuji as well as their intimate spaces it uses in its gardens. I used some planting that can be seen in Orange County, like the Lupine wildflower, and gave the landscape small hill topography to represent the hills around the Great Park in Irvine. The Santa Barbra Botanical Garden had some interesting temporary interactive sculptural structures in certain areas and had some small and large spaces I wanted to incorporate as well. Lastly the bushes and trees placement were inspired from my pieces and parts project to do clumping design around the areas where people would sit and be shaded from the hot sun on summer days or kept cool from the heat.

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