LA4782: Food is Life: Part A
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LA4782: Food is Life: Part A

LA4782: Food is Life: Part A


Published: August 31, 2020 2 0 65
By: Alondra Delgado,
Category: Culinary Arts
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Buñuelos are a part of my family’s tradition. My grandmother used to make buñuelos for all her children: my aunts and uncles. For many years my mother has carried the tradition and now has taught my sisters and me the process of making this delicious dessert. Traditionally, they are made during Christmas time but my family sometimes decides to make it for Thanksgiving too – if many family and friends gather and celebrate.
This particular Thanksgiving – of 2007, my eldest nephew was one year old. This Thanksgiving my immediate family has gathered as a whole for the first time. My eldest sister with her family coming over to my parents’ house to celebrate this time of year. That was the first time my mother had taught my sisters and me the recipe for the buñuelo making. That autumn night, we stood around the kitchen table as the smell of cinnamon and syrup filled the room, the dough of the Latin dessert rolled and baked in preparation for sugar coating. The fritter was like a sweet, crunchy tortilla (in recent terms similar to a fried crape) perfect for the cold weather – perfectly accompanied by some syrup and coffee.
I think that memory has stayed with me because it was one of the very first times my family gathered to celebrate a holiday. The memory is filled with happiness and good food. #foodislife #buñuelos #christmas #thanksgiving #family

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