Final Project: Porous Green Alleys
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Final Project: Porous Green Alleys

Final Project: Porous Green Alleys


Published: December 12, 2020 0 0 53
By: Gia Menchaca, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Art #Design #Street #Urban

Alley in Motion is located on 7th and Mateo in the Los Angeles Arts District. It is an experiential space that explores play movement and performance in three layers. The first layer represents the performance of people such as dancing, acting, and play. The second layer takes look at performance in the environment via lush vegetation, water systems, and birds and insects. The final layer zooms out to the performance of the city itself on a rooftop garden that displays the downtown Los Angeles skyline as well as an overlook of the alley.

*individual work shown

Tagged Teammates:

  • Brian Fernando Espinoza
  • Jun Bae Kim
  • Kitty Cheung
  • Rennie Tang