Final Project: Porous Green Alleys
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Final Project: Porous Green Alleys


Final Project: Porous Green Alleys


Published: December 11, 2020 1 0 71
By: Ida Li,
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Adobe #alleydesign #Art #Design #GraphicDesign #Illustrator #LA3111 #la3111L #LA3111L_FA20_Tang #Photoshop #porosity #Premiere #presentation_skills #video_editing

MOA - Mo Alley - envisions a space that allows for opportunities to be built for a coexistence of two dominant urban mobilities, the cars and the people. Located on the block of Wilson and Violet St in Downtown Los Angeles, the site is frequented by both delivery trucks and employees. Through the design, it encourages movement of people through the space as the usage of the space changes over time. Ecologically, the design also activates the movement of storm water and local materials.

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  • Anthony Harris
  • Justin Paredes-sison
  • Rennie Tang
  • Ruth Morales


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