Concrete Canoe 2012 Competition
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Concrete Canoe 2012 Competition

Concrete Canoe 2012 Competition


Published: January 5, 2016 4 0 4.2K
By: Calvin Rai, University of California San Diego
Category: Civil/Structural Engineering

I was again involved in our school's Concrete Canoe competition where I took the lead on developing a 3D model of our work space, concrete canoe model as seen in the images, and the coding and animation for the construction video that was used in the regional and national competition.

Attached is the design layout of the concrete canoe we designed that year which was done on SketchUp's Layout feature. The plan, models, cross-section, and details were done by myself.

This year, we worked closely with the presentation team to synchronize the animations to the script that the presenters were using. You can see in the video above how the final video for our presentation turned out.


AndromedaLayOUT.pdf 4.8 MB


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