Concrete Canoe 2011 SketchUp Project
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Concrete Canoe 2011 SketchUp Project

Concrete Canoe 2011 SketchUp Project


Published: January 5, 2016 1 0 481
By: Calvin Rai, University of California San Diego
Category: Civil/Structural Engineering

Concrete Canoe is a Civil Engineering competition in which students design and produce a concrete canoe to be raced and competed at the Pacific Southwest Conference (PSWC). I was responsible for creating a full-scale 3D model of our team's work space to be used in an animation video depicting the construction process of our concrete canoe. I spent 1 month constructing the work space seen in these images to as complete scale as possible.

Our Concrete Canoe team was qualified for the National Concrete Canoe Competition 2011 in Indiana and this video was used in our presentation which placed 1st nationally.


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