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Color Insertion

Color Insertion


Published: May 8, 2020 0 0 119
By: Dominic Celis, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #cppla #cppla23

Our OSU is located in the rear parking lot located behind building one. It is located on a sloped mountain, but the parking spaces are near or at the level. Our site is located by an exit ramp of the parking lot and is on an area covered by layers of dead leaves, dirt, and green trees. One of these trees is a lemon guava tree and is the main focal point for our OSU. The lemon guava tree bears small guava fruit which is small, firm, and green while ripening and become yellow and squishy as they begin to ripen. Another thing to bear in mind is that the fruit is very aromatic and it becomes noticeable as you begin to approach the fruits and the tree itself. As many guavas are, the fruit has a very distinguishable scent. This one has both a very sweet scent and taste. The fruit is smooth and sweet which can be perceived through the scent, taste, and appearance. Due to the number of trees and other canopies that exists in our site, there is a lot of shade throughout the day, meaning our site usually has very dark shades of colors due to the lack of light. This caused us to use our color to add to our OSU and make it occupiable.
We chose to make the intent of our OSU for people to view and hopefully interact with the lemon guava tree on our site. This could be through smelling, viewing of visiting the site on their way to and from the parking lot. We would achieve this through the usage of flashing colors, visuals, and features. The color yellow contrasts in our site due to the lack of color in our site that is not brown, black, or green. This color contrast would help observers to see the arm-like branches from our OSU and come to see the site for themselves. Though there is no intended occupation, unintentionally, we created small seating features that would give people a place to sit on the elevated wood pieces. The people we would expect in our OSU would be the commuters of CPP due to the proximity to the parking lot and the back garden of building one. Our OSU would be most active during the very early times of the day when people are arriving from home to the parking lot, at the end of the day when class is out of session, and anytime between. This is due to the parking lot primarily being active during these hours.

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