CHS 213 Community Health Ed Research
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CHS 213 Community Health Ed Research

CHS 213 Community Health Ed Research

  • CHS 477 Final Paper with Instructor Feedback


Published: March 19, 2017 0 0 248
By: Erin Manalo-Pedro, University Of California Los Angeles
Category: Public Health
Hashtags: #Alcohol #condoms #Evaluation #MentalHealth #philippines #publichealth #Research

Final project for CHS 213 Research in Community and Patient Health Education.

I used SPSS to analyze a modified version of Dr. Donald Morisky's HIV/AIDS Philippine data set to answer the following research questions that I developed:
1. Is self-esteem associated with individual condom use?
2. Does alcohol use impact individual condom use?
3. Does a peer education, manager, or combination intervention impact self-esteem?
4. Does presence of a condom use worksite policy impact condom use for individuals with low self-esteem?
5. What is the interaction between self-esteem, alcohol use, worksite condom use policy, and intervention groups?


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