"Chindogu" Magazine Cover
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"Chindogu" Magazine Cover

"Chindogu" Magazine Cover


Published: December 22, 2020 0 0 51
By: Christian Carrido, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Art & Design
Hashtags: #Adobe #Design #GraphicDesign #Illustration #Illustrator

A "chindogu" (珍道具) by definition is a "priceless tool", or an object that is both useful and useless. Examples of such include umbrellas for your shoes, fans on a chopstick, and other inventions that serve a unique purpose. Concluding our chindogu project in Professor Jamie Scholnicks' Foundations in 3D Design class called for a compilation of all the wacky and creative inventions made by the students in the form of a magazine.

I made this magazine cover with the intention of paying homage to classic Japanese contemporary designs most prominent in the 80s. The conceptual and minimalistic composition did well to reflect the simplistic yet effective innovation of our projects.