Casting and Welding operations
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Casting and Welding operations

Casting and Welding operations

  • Lost foam casting of a miniature truck. The truck was machined to produce a softer surface finish. In addition, wheels were added after being produced in a lathe operation.
  • Lost foam casitng of a Bronco


Published: August 13, 2016 0 0 744
By: Abraham Morales, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Material Science
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At class I was shown different casting processes, like die casting, sand casting, lost foam casting, investment casting, among others. Although this seems rather simple, the manufacturing process of metal casting is both a science and an art that required precision and careful detail to the design parameters of casting.

I also learned welding and cutting processes used in production and repair today. My course covered the fundamentals of welding operations, general shop safety practices, interpretation of welding symbols, equipment used in welding, tables and charts that allow me to know the recommended gas pressures, tip sizes, welding speeds, amperage and voltage settings, wire feed rates, electrode sizes, inert gas selection when arc welding among others.

Casting in action!
Oxyacetylene cutting in action!