Cal Poly Pomona NASA Student Launch 2014
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Cal Poly Pomona NASA Student Launch 2014

Cal Poly Pomona NASA Student Launch 2014


Published: November 28, 2015 5 0 5.4K
By: Miguel Maya, University of Southern California
Category: Aerospace Engineering
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A video summarizing the work leading up to to, and including, the first fully successfully rocket launch by a Cal Poly Pomona Rocket Team in the NASA competition.
As the lead aerodynamicist, I developed MATLAB tools to predict the aerodynamic performance of the launch vehicle via a component build-up method. I also helped conduct aerodynamic testing of a sub-scale model in a subsonic wind tunnel as well as structural load testing on the aerodynamic surfaces.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Alisa Anderson
  • Daniel Goodwin
  • David Chaloukian
  • John Costa
  • Miguel Alaniz


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