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Published: April 11, 2016 1 0 973
By: Byron Phung, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Web Development
Hashtags: #Bootstrap #CSS #Google #Html #Javascript #Jquery #materialdesign #mobilefirst #Web_development #webdevelopment #Website

This is the first of my portfolio demonstrating my mobile-first approach to web development. I aimed to create a seamless platform to interact with regardless of desktop or mobile device. Mobile devices will assume an interface similar to the modern Android UI that is usually served as a default template on Android Studio and will also include the ability to swipe open and swipe close the navigation menu by utilizing an open-source project called Slideout.js.

The key component of my mobile-first approach is that design, implementation, and testing is done for mobile BEFORE desktop. This means that my default CSS designs for the smallest supported mobile device first and an alternative/responsive CSS is used to customize designs for desktop after the mobile design is implemented.

Lastly, although there are a few open-source Material Design projects out there, I decided to implement the design with my own custom CSS to maintain full customizable control.

Please feel free to view my website at as well as provide any feedback that you may have.


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