Bronco Startup Challenge Content Marketing Lead
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Bronco Startup Challenge Content Marketing Lead

Bronco Startup Challenge Content Marketing Lead


Published: May 5, 2020 1 0 188
By: Zane Landin, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Marketing
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The Bronco Startup Challenge is an annual pitch competition to bring together students across disciplines that are innovative, creative and entrepreneurial producing their own business venture.

Last semester, I worked in the Content Market Team, and I was promoted this semester to Content Marketing Team Lead.

I was responsible for leading a team of 4 individuals - tasked with content development, marketing, analysis, and review. This included email marketing, social media content creation, brainstorming content, collaboration, website review, copy editing, and graphic arts.

Each of my team members were designated with specific tasks:

- Courtney was designated as the external communicator, since she had many connections in the College of Business as well as reviewing digital website changes.
- Christon and Makenzie served as the content reviewers which included reviewing email marketing and social media posts. They looked for tonnage, themes, or grammatical errors.
- Me and Chris were the social media posters. I was on Instagram and he was on Facebook.

Overall our team worked really well together. We had to navigate specific challenges, such as developing content, relatable messaging, and the direction we wanted the social media accounts to take. We developed a Social Media Style Guide, which we included things to anticipate when creating social media posts. We learned about the many different facets of digital, content, product, event and email marketing which we can take to the professional world.

As a team, we successfully engaged our audience growing in social media followers. We gained around 45 followers this semester, increased social media foot traffic, impressions, and generated excitement for the Bronco Startup Challenge.

Tagged Teammates:

  • Christon Young
  • Christopher Cooper
  • Courtney Yu
  • Makenzie Kelley


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