Brand Storytelling on the Instagram Stories
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Brand Storytelling on the Instagram Stories

Brand Storytelling on the Instagram Stories


Published: March 30, 2022 0 0 64
By: Richard Camorlinga, LIM College
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For this assignment we were tasked to describe a brand story concept that brings together: strategic objectives, a conversation with the audience, and measurable objectives. Please incorporate concepts from the readings, as they are relevant (e.g., storytelling, funnels, brand connection, brand voice, visual culture, hashtags, storygiving, brand communities, hyper-connected consumers, imagery, photography, styling, etc.) (1 page maximum)

Create a moodboard for the brand (you may post these on a site like Pinterest, but make sure to have the link accessible).
Develop the framework (storyboard) for Instagram Stories with a clear, structured message. Have a beginning, middle, and an end.
Discuss the following, as they are relevant: Are you connecting the trigger points to the emotional bond of the audience Are you creating an authentic narrative to personalize the story? Is this establishing a consistent message through all social channels (touch points)? Are you developing contextual relevancy to consumers' connectivity? How are you creating empowerment through inspiration and gain? knowledge Are you fostering or promoting the shareability of user-generated content? Are you driving engagement through story? (Discuss these in sections, keeping in mind strategic objectives.