BMP Effectiveness Storm Water Mitigation
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BMP Effectiveness Storm Water Mitigation

BMP Effectiveness Storm Water Mitigation


Published: December 19, 2015 0 0 564
By: Calvin Rai, University of California San Diego
Category: Environmental Engineering
Hashtags: #Engineering #EnvironmentalEngineering #Environmentalism #Water

This year-long research project was conducted in an effort to understand the natural and engineered best management practices (BMP's) on the Cal Poly Pomona campus. Sample rain water was collected from various school surfaces including parking lots, roofs, and meadows. These samples were measured for their iron, copper, and zin levels, conductivity, pH, turbidity, nitrate, and more. We wanted to understand how effectively natural and engineered BMP's were at reducing the levels of pollutants within these water samples and suggest alternatives or improvements to these filtration systems. The second objective was to evaluate how well portable water testing laboratories were able to accurately measure the different pollutants in water samples as compared to physical laboratories with more expensive equipment.


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