Autonomous Mini Rover and STEM Outreach
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Autonomous Mini Rover and STEM Outreach

Autonomous Mini Rover and STEM Outreach


Published: July 10, 2018 1 0 49
By: Allen Chen, Cal Poly Pomona
Category: Engineering

I was a part of this project in Junior year high school. I led designing and manufacturing 13 of the 8×8×4-in rovers for MathMovesU middle school STEM outreach program hosted by Raytheon Integrated Defense – San Diego, California. I also assisted the volunteers at Raytheon hosting the outreach event the first two months, 60 students per month was exposed to the STEM field by attending the full-day event.
This project was made possible by my wonderful teammates from Madison High School.

The original design of the rover had the issue of slow rate of production. I was able to increase the rate of production by a factor of 4 by redesigning the original 3D-printed rover chassis with new unique laser-cut, interlocking-nut structure.


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